MIS BMW E36, E46, Z4 RTAB tool
325i, 328i, 330i, 318i, Z4
(Rear trailing arm bushing)



1.Once RTAB carrier is removed, place smaller rounded block (removal) behind the old RTAB

2. Insert threaded rod (lubricated/anti-seize) into hole of "C" shape and align so tool is in between flanges of older style bushings. Making sure the "C" shaped is not interfering with removal and ensuring rod is parallel to "C" part

3. Using appropriate hand ratchet, turn threaded clockwise until old rtab is removed. No need for power/air tools, as damage is possible


4. Place "C" part behind trailing arm hole so the side with the hole is touching the trailing arm with threaded rod inserted.

Basically this would like the "C" part is flipped vs the removal. 

5. Place new RTAB on top of trailing arm with threaded rod inserted through new RTAB. Thread larger rectangular install block on top of new rtab

6. Using ratchet to turn threaded rod until new RTAB is pushed into trailing arm hole evenly.

Newer style bushing being installed on E36 M3 with part number: 33-32-6-770-817

MIS BMW E36/E46 Rear Trailing Arm bushing remover and installer tool

Are you unable to tackle the RTAB's on your precious 3-series because you don't have the proper tools?  Do you need to save hundreds of dollars from the dealership that demand between $400-700 to change RTAB bushings? Does your shop have trouble installing OEM rubber bushings? Are you afraid to install OEM rubber bushings and "have" to install aftermarket bushings?


Well you don't have to worry about all that, you can simply buy our MIS RTAB tool to solve your relevant RTAB problems with this proven solution. 

This RTAB tool is a solid, all steel tool that will give you the convenience of removing and installing the E36/E46 RTAB's. 

-8+ year track proven record

-Saves hours of labor and valuable time

-No need to experiment with aftermarket bushings such as urethane or polyurethane bushings.

-No need to guess or experiment with different tools

-No need to take a risk with the gas tank right next to the trailing arms when using a torch (or a long drill)

-Does not require much strength to use; although some wrenching is required to tighten yet is minimal.

-Will remove and install all OEM rubber bushings for E36/E46 BMW's, including M3.

-Will accurately install the gap between the bushing and the trailing arm.

-Will install 33-32-6-770-786, 33-32-2-228-153, 33-32-6-770-817, and all other OEM E36/E46 rubber bushings, including M3. 33326770786 , 33322228153 , 33326770817

-The Z4 has the same part number of 33-32-6-770-817 for the rear trailing arm bushing as the E36 / E46 so this tool should work on the E85/E86 also. As this link confirms that the E36/E46 M3 and E85/E86 Z4's have the same RTAB part number.




Tips during use

-Please use moderate amount of heavy weight oil or anti-seize on all threads and washer. 

-Make sure rod and block threads are clean before every use.

Additional instructions available via email. 


New style bushings with part number: 33-32-6-770-817

These are the stiffest OEM rubber bushings you can buy and are an updated design from BMW itself. These are ideal and recommended for all E36/E46 M3 as they are an updated part number. The updated M3 bushings will fit all also all E36 and E46, 3-Series from 1992-2006 and E85/E86 (Z4).


                                           (Alignment marks on the sides)

NOTE: RTAB must be installed equally for proper alignment and handling dynamics; meaning half and half. There are alignments marks on each side of the bushing to indicate where to stop (Shown in the picture above on the right).

This is how the RTAB should look when installed onto the trailing arm (picture below).